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This is a GREAT article. Both my husband and I have been married before and he had his land and home just before he met me. I helped him finish the home and we have been together 12 years now. He still is hesitant to include me in any plans or add me to the home deed. It has been a source of contention with us before and I know that he wants his kids to have a cut of the place, however, they have no desire to be there. They would sell it and take the money. I see this every day because I work with deeds and data with the county we live in. In 2020 after loosing my father and he had no will, we had to go to probate, and sell everything he had. He had no life insurance or will. It was so hard to deal with because it leaves you no time to grieve.

Even though one person may know what the deceased intended, it will not make it all work out like you planned.

This article is something I want my kids to read! I will share with them.


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Thanks, Jennifer. I’m so glad it was helpful. It is so helpful to communicate now rather than when you are in a moment of crisis about these hard things. I’m sorry your grief was made even more difficult by the lack of these things.

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