Nov 2, 2023Liked by Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage

I am new to your blog, so perhaps this is a bit off topic, but I think that numbering our days helps keep that original sin of pride in check. This world is going to continue and go on after our last day on earth, and for the vast majority of us no one is going to remember our name 100 years from now. That's a humbling thought and all the more reason to keep our eyes focused on the One who saved us and awaits our arrival to His heavenly kingdom. The eternal vs. the temporal.

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Hi Jen, thanks for commenting! Not off topic at all. I think you’re absolutely on target. So true that it is humbling to realize how small we are in the eternal scheme of things. And humbling to realize that as small and insignificant as we are, God delights in us and allows us to leave a lasting legacy by bringing the good news of the gospel to others.

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