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Maybe you turned fifty, sixty, or seventy, and your body refused to execute the way it used to. Maybe you are in your seventies or eighties and are facing the realities of limitations as never before—you struggle more with going up and down stairs, you’ve gone through at least one joint replacement surgery, you don’t see at night the way you used to. Suddenly, you realize you are aging and that you will not, in fact, live forever (at least on this earth). And you want to live these days well, to number them, that you may gain a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12). You want to live well today and prepare well for tomorrow, for crisis or death. You want to bless your loved ones now and in the days to come. 

You want to know things like, how do I leave a legacy for my loved ones that blesses them, how do I talk with my adult children about  the legacy I will leave, how do I gracefully accept the limitations age brings, how do I continue to serve the Lord and serve the world with purpose and joy in the evening of life? 

Or, maybe you aren’t quite there, but your parents are. 

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Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage, author, gospel, life and legacy coach, and speaker (www.elizabethturnage.com).